The short version of the last 150 years

This is an attempt to put 150+ years into a few paragraphs.  Bob Jones, former secretary of Right Angle 233 did a great job with the following:

The first name of this lodge was RED RIVER IRON WORKS, in 1871 the name was changed to RIGHT ANGLE.

The lodge was started in Powell County, Kentucky, a historic committee of the lodge in 1914 reported that the lodge started (in a place now called Clay City). There is no doubt it started in Powell County, but, this writer believes it started in a place called Hardwick’s Creek, Powell County, and that some of the brothers worked for the Red River Iron Works Division, as well as being farmers.

The only mode of transportation in these early years was by horse and buggy or maybe by train.

The lodge moved to Clark County in a house near Log Lick Church, they moved in almost a straight line from Hardwick’s Creek. In the following minutes that I have prepared, you will see where I come to this conclusion. Their reason for moving seems to be because of housing problems to have a lodge.

I would like to add that you can see the old two-story white house lodge by the baseball field just behind Boone’s Creek Baptist Camp, (Take Wills Rupard Rd off Trapp Goffs Corner Rd.). In addition, about 10 or so years ago, we remodeled the kitchen in our current lodge build, and about 5 years ago, we remodeled the lodge room.  The lodge continues to improve the lodge so we have fewer problems which will require less upkeep in the future.  

Another one of my favorite notes from the archives is this:

February 16. 1867
The lodge gave $4.00 to buy flour for a sick brother. also paid J.W. Elkin $16.35 for making three stands and eighteen chairs, also paid E. D. Gravitt $2.00 for hauling chairs and stands to the river and ferrying them across in a canoe

The image imagined of a brother hauling stands and homemade chairs across a river in a canoe is incredible.

We are always writing history at Right Angle, but we always are looking ahead on what we can do to make our Lodge and more importantly, our community better!